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Supernatural Lyrical
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A Supernatural Lyrical Icontest

Welcome to spn_lyrical- a Supernatural Lyrical Icontest! Every week a different song will be posted! The song may have been featured on an episode of Supernatural, "Dean's Pick" - any song from the many bands Dean likes (Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Black Sabbath… etc, etc), or mod's choice - which may be any song that reminds of us Supernatural in some way!
While some rules were meant to be broken, these were not. Breaking of any of the following rules can and will lead to your disqualification from that weeks challenge. If more than one offense occurs you will be banned from the comm. all together.

· You have to be a member in order to participate (IE: Submit icons and vote)
· You may only join under one alias
· Your icons must contain lyrics from the ones we provide & it must contain at least 3 CONSECUTIVE LYRICS THAT ARE LEGIBLE
· Two icons may be submitted per week unless stated otherwise by one of the mod
· Icons must meet LJ standarsds: 100x100 & 40kb or less
· NO SPOILERS. Images must only be from episodes that have already been aired in the us
· NO FANART. This includes manips as well. Episode Caps, episode stills, season promo pictures, and comic book scans only.
· No self love, people. Don't vote for your own icon
· Cheaters suck. Don't have your friends join just to vote for you
· Your icons must be fresh, made the week of the challege.
· Don't post your icons anywhere else (this includes, but isn't limited to: websites, icon journals, communities and user pictures) until after winners have been announced
· When a tiebreaker occurs (and lets all pray it doesn't), the first five votes will determine the winner
All submissions should have the image and it's URL posted neatly, like the example below.


Submissions will begin once the challenge is posted Friday evening and end the following Friday at midnight.
Voting begins Saturday evening, and you'll vote for your three favorite icons in any order.

Voting will end Friday at midnight and winners will be named Saturday.
Submissions end on Fridays at 11:59pm EST.
Themes will go up Friday evenings.
Voting will begin on Saturday evenings.
Voting ends the following Friday at 11:59pm EST.
Winners will be announced on Saturday evenings.


(If you'd like to affiliate with us, please post your request HERE)
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